Corporate Social Responsibility

The Firm provides consultant advising services in Corporate Shareholder Engagements including strategic guidance and direct lead dialogue engagement guidance. Mr. Vernon's clients have included a faith based religious Order on matters relating to corporate shareholder engagements and social justice initiatives on matters relating to human rights and environmental sustainability.

Today's stakeholders seek smart and sustainable change. A growing number of business leaders recognize that aligning a corporation's actions and long term strategy with the interests of the broader community of stakeholders [including community members, investors, and faith-based groups] is essential.

The challenge for the business leader is taking steps to actively engage and put in place the mechanisms for initiating the strategy effectively. In an environment where committed stakeholders seek to have their interests heard, understood, and integrated into the business communities strategies, focusing on the "best practices" for achieving these goals has become a front burner issue for many business leaders.

Through effective social justice advocacy, stakeholders are making the case across the world for corporate policy changes that seek sustainable practices for all stakeholders. Strategic corporate social responsibility strategy presents both opportunity and challenges for both the stakeholders and business community, with the potential for results that can ensure stakeholder concerns are addressed while the business community thrives.

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